Topic 4: Efficient and Transparent Nutrient Cycle Reporting

Specific Challenge

For the sake of sustainability and environmental protection, farmers in Germany and other EU countries are required to keep track of and report the nutritional balance of their farms. However, keeping a record of incoming nutrients and outgoing produce and manure can be a time-consuming and tedious task that often requires a lot of paperwork due to receipts and other documents that are not available in digital formats.


  • Connect farmers digitally to their suppliers and recipients, as well as to administrative bodies and subsidy systems
  • Provide a system that can keep track of all in- and outgoing nutrients and make the data easily accessible and understandable to the farmer
  • Assist farmers in measuring the number of nutrients in their produce and manure using weighing systems and other sensors

Resources provided by ATLAS

  • Contact with farmers in the ATLAS consortium who can test your solution and provide feedback
  • Access to existing data sources and management systems

Expected outcome

  • An easy-to-use software solution that addresses the problem within the scope outlined above
  • Significant reduction in the administrative workload of farmers when it comes to reporting nutritional balances
  • Close cooperation with farmers to develop a solution that meets with their approval