Challenge 4. From Farm to Fork

Specific Challenge

​To improve the availability of data and market solutions, along with the sustainability and transparency of the food value chain – the network of stakeholders involved in growing, processing, and selling the food that consumers eat. Collaboration among the various stakeholders along the food value chain is more important than ever. The interdependencies between stakeholders are no longer mainly between the functions most closely linked along the chain but can encompass stakeholders anywhere in the network. Because of the global food supply chain, food safety and traceability have become a major concern.


  • Connect farmers to food producers and other industry players, as well as to administrative bodies and subsidy systems.
  • Increase transparency and the exchange of data among supply chain members.
  • Aggregate and integrate data for life cycle assessments to be shared with consumers.
  • Enable easy-to-adopt traceability schemes that enable customers/consumers to assess sustainability.

Resources provided by ATLAS

  • Contact with farmers in the ATLAS consortium who can test your solution and provide feedback.
  • Access to existing data sources and management systems.

Expected outcome

  • An easy-to-use software solution that addresses the problem within the scope outlined above.
  • Significant reduction in the administrative workload of supply chain members.
  • Close cooperation with farmers on developing a solution that meets with their approval.