Topic 6: Information Platform for Farmers

Specific Challenge

Precision farming and digitalisation in agriculture is a trending topic all over the world. Right now, however, the up-front investments in new technologies are mostly only affordable for bigger agricultural enterprises, which may lead to pooling and imbalances in the distribution of knowledge and expertise in the areas affected. By contrast, small farming businesses may simply be unaware of affordable solutions for facilitating their operations and increasing efficiency.

For this reason, the simple propagation of basic knowledge and information on precision farming, digitalisation, and available equipment could contribute to quicker adoption of recent technological innovations by small and medium-sized farms. In effect, this could not only increase the profitability of small businesses and decrease environmental footprints over the long term, but also open up entirely new corners of the market.


  • Marketing strategies for existing precision-farming equipment with a focus on small agricultural businesses
  • Information campaigns to inform farmers who are not yet aware of the opportunities offered by iterative digitalisation
  • Novel information strategies aimed at small businesses to raise awareness of precision farming and increase efficiency by technological means
  • Founding initiatives to enable the use of elaborate technology by small farms via a renting or sharing economy

Resources provided by ATLAS

  • Contact with the target demographic and market experts
  • Experience reports from early technology adopters in agriculture
  • Access to demonstration technology

Expected outcome

  • Greater awareness of digitalisation and precision farming among small agricultural businesses
  • Increased rate of adoption of precision farming methods in Europe