Challenge 1. Weed and Pest Control

Specific Challenge

Weeds and pests are two major threats to agriculture. Conventional methods (pesticides, herbicides) harm the environment and are viewed critically by consumers. Better innovative methods of handling these threats are required.


  • Innovative precision-farming methods require a minimal amount of pesticides and herbicides – or none at all.
  • Early warning and risk assessment systems can analyse data on climates, soil, and other factors to gauge the risk of weed and pest infestation.
  • Instead of using pesticides, weeds can be eliminated using laser scanners or flame throwers (for example).

Resources provided by ATLAS

  • Drone/satellite data that provides estimations of biomass. This data could be used to assess current weed and pest infestations.
  • Weather data information gathered from drones and/or weather stations, which can help estimate the probability of weed and pest infestations.

Expected outcome

  • An eco-friendly method of assessing and controlling weed and pest infestations on farms
  • The proposed solution should make use of at least one of the following technologies: edge computing, robotics and ROS, or in-field sensors.