Satellite Temperature Analysis Services

The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) has developed Satellite Temperature Analysis Services which are available for over 2.000 fields in Agia and Epanomi Greek ATLAS pilot sites. Τhe aim is to develop two satellite-derived services using air temperature datasets that will be combined with crop-specific characteristics to evaluate the Growing Degree Days (GDD) and the frost hours.

A GDD is a weather-based indicator for assessing crop development. It is a measure of heat accumulation (based on air temperature) used to predict plant and pest development rates. A base temperature (minimum threshold temperature) is the lowest temperature which allows the growth. A GDD is the number of temperature degrees above the base temperature, which varies among crops.

The second service refers to the calculation of the frost hours during a specific day, which may cause damage to very young vegetation or vegetation that has no resistance to it. Most fruit trees fall in this category.

The services can be useful for the following groups: farmers, farmers associations, cooperatives, consultants, public organizations, water authorities.

Scientific responsible for NOA is Dr. Iphigenia Keramitsoglou