The overall objective of ATLAS, is the development of an open digital Interoperability Network service for agricultural applications and to build up a sustainable ecosystem for innovative data-driven agriculture using the Network.

The Interoperability Network will allow the flexible combination of agricultural machinery, sensor systems and data analysis tools to overcome the problem of lacking interoperability and will enable farmers to increase their productivity in a sustainable way by making use of the most advanced digital technology and data.

It will also define a service architecture, providing hardware and software interoperability layers which enable the acquisition and sharing of data from a multitude of sensors and the analysis of this data using a multitude of dedicated analysis approaches.

The Interoperability Network’s service architecture specifications can be found here.

The benefits of data driven agriculture will be demonstrated using the ATLAS Interoperability Network within a multitude of pilot studies. Around these pilot studies, so called “Innovation Hubs”, a network of end-users, service providers, researchers and policy makers along the agricultural value chain, will be established to exploit the benefits of digital agriculture to a larger audience. Innovative companies will be attracted through seed funding to provide their services through the Network. With the knowledge created from these pilot studies, ATLAS will put significant effort into the definition of the next generation standards for data driven agriculture.