The 1st ATLAS call for innovative solutions is now open!

ATLAS is looking for innovative ideas and solutions via an open call for the development of new services that will make use of the ATLAS platform technical foundation.

The ATLAS project will fund 5 to 10 business entities per open call in two rounds by allocating an average of EUR 52.500 per use case.

Innovative companies will receive seed funding for the services they provide through the platform. Proposed solutions should offer clear added value to customers or stakeholders along the agricultural value chain and focus on the development of services that build on and extend the use cases carried out within the project. Interested companies registered in one of the EU Member States or one of the countries associates with H2020 are welcome to participate.

In addition, successful participants will have the chance to become part of the ATLAS ecosystem and benefit from its extensive network of end users, service providers, researchers, and policymakers.

All the companies funded will present their solutions in front of all the project’s stakeholders and interested third parties at a Demo Day event at one of the project’s five Innovation Hubs.

Topic 1: Weed and Pest Control
Topic 2: Irrigation
Topic 3: Asset Tracking and Fleet Management
Topic 4: Efficient and Transparent Nutrient Cycle Reporting
Topic 5: Behavioural Analysis and Management of Livestock
Topic 6: Information Platform for Farmers
Topic 7: Open Technology for innovative Agriculture

15 September 2020 (23:59 CEST)