WEBINAR: Developing interoperable agricultural software with ATLAS

The ATLAS Interoperability Network puts farmers in full control of their data and processes in a diverse digital environment and allows software vendors to focus on their Unique Selling Proposition and to bring full featured solutions to the market faster and cheaper. ATLAS empowers a trusted community of software developers offering secure and quality agricultural services able to collaborate and exchange agricultural data over standardized interfaces, the ATLAS Service Templates.

Compared to other initiatives and solutions, ATLAS is not a software platform with centralized data storage and processing, or a central data hub. ATLAS enables interconnection between third party services without intervening in the agricultural data exchange. The open ecosystem of ATLAS services enables innovative software vendors to complement their unique features with existing services, reducing development costs and go-to market time. Therefore, the added value is the interconnection and the ecosystem facilitation that it provides.

In the webinar, which targets mainly developers of agricultural software solutions, we will:

  • Give an introduction to the basic concepts of ATLAS and the central infrastructure components.
  • Show a concrete example on how to implement a service client for a digital field twin.
  • Introduce an experimentation platform which allows for interested developers to connect to an experimental ATLAS Service.