ATLAS 2nd Open Call Winners: The Final Spurt Towards the Finishing Line

As we have been announcing since February 2022, the ATLAS twelve Open Call 2021 winners are about to complete their implementation phase in July after six intensive months working together with the ATLAS technical partners and Pilot Sites. They are now getting closer to validate their data-driven services to integrate them into the ATLAS Interoperability Network. The twelve innovative agricultural solutions aim to tackle five agricultural challenges, including: livestock management, irrigation, weed and pest control, asset tracking and fleet management as well as from farm to fork.

As described throughout the five interviews carried out by the AZO team, available on the ATLAS and AZO websites, the best twelve solutions revealed a variety of ownership, management, technologies, and services that help build on and extend the ATLAS use cases. Thanks to these interviews, you will be able to dig into the winning solutions´ implementation processes and understand the stories behind each solution to help overcome the current lack of interoperability, and enable farmers increase their productivity in sustainable ways.

The interviews outline the people behind each innovative solution, including a sneak peek of their use cases clustered by challenges, the interoperability component, the bottlenecks they´ve encountered and opportunities they envisage for the future. The key insights of the implementation outcome will be shared at the ATLAS Demo Day 2022 on 23 November (save the date!). If you want to stay-up-to date, don´t forget to subscribe to the ATLAS mailing list or/and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn!