ATLAS presentation in Latvian Agriculture Exhibition

The Latvian Fruit Growers Association (ATLAS partner) presented the project during a Latvian Agriculture Exhibition that took place on the 14th of May 2022, with the participation of governmental bodies, leading agro companies and banks.

Summary the ATLAS presentation: Due to climate change irrigation and plant protection in our area become more significant with each passing day. In dry summer of 2021 only farmers who had irrigation has more or less acceptable yield. Also, smart fertilization and pest control is in great importance to solve economical aspects in horticulture, especially for organic farming. Sensor based agriculture for today seems only solution how to meet the challenges of climate change. Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System developed by ATLAS point the way of future development of agriculture is in great importance for fruit and berry farms in the NE area of Europe.

Click here for the event programme in Latvian.