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Latvia “LAA Experimental Fields”

Latvia Fruit growers association fields and orchards in project named “LAA Experimental Fields” are fields of members of both PP associations – LAA and ALOA, as well as scientific expertise provided by project partner LatHort. Furthermore there are approximately ten more farms that previously joined the local network, hosted by research institute “Agrihort” of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.

Innovation Hub (IH) structure in Latvia will include administrative resources of Project Partner Latvia Fruit growers association (PP LAA), PP Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture (ALOA), PP Institute of Horticulture (LatHort) and 20 farms with installed IoT sensors.

If you would like to recieve more information about the LAA Experimental Fields, please contact the Innovation Hub Latvia!


Use cases & Testing

The following use cases are carried out in Latvia: plant protection, irrigation, planting, crop monitoring and bees monitoring. They will be operated in three main operational areas – Orchards(1), Vegetable fields(2) and Bee farms(3). Activities along the use cases will be based on use of IoT sensors,  hyperspectral imaging and LIDAR.

In the climatic zone of the Baltic region active vegetation starts from March and continue till November. During this periode, the use cases plant protection, irrigation and planting are implemrnted. At the same time, the use cases monitoring of crops and bees will be active all year.

LAA Experimental Fields


Use Case Plant protection, Irrigation, Planting, Crop monitoring, Bees monitoring
Sensors & Machines used

Set of IoT sensors

  • Base weather station (temperature, wind speed/ direction, pressure, humidity, wapour)
  • Independent sensors on field – Solar radiation, UV radiation, Leaf wetness, Soil moisture, Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), CO2,  on-field Temperature-Humidity Sensor with Radiation Shield
Indicators measured
  • Influence of environmental conditions on plant development in comparative studies.
  • Amounts off applicants against fungus and other diseases need.
  • Fertilization effectiveness in comparative studies.
  • Amount of input products needed.
  • Amount of product needed in comparative studies.
  • Irrigation effectiveness


Use Case Targeted application
Sensors & Machines used Hyperspectral Imaging, LIDAR, IoT temperature / humidity sensors
Indicators measured
Amounts off applicants against fungus and other diseases used.