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Romania “SCVM vineyards”

The Research Station for Viticulture and Oenology Murfatlar (SCVM) is a public institution which operates under the supervision of the Romanian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, with general scientific competence in the fields of researches in viticulture and oenology. SCVM is located in the vineyard with the same name – Murfatlar (7000 ha) – that is spreading on the central hilly area of the Dobrogea (S-E of Romania), only 20 km from the Black Sea coast. More than one century ago, beginning with the year 1907, the first plantations for research on growing vine were established at Murfatlar. The institution is specified on the specific conditions of water shortage of the Dobrogea area. It also has the role of a pilot unit for the research sector.

The SCVM regularly organizes meetings, workshops and field visits with the above-mentioned professionals in order to verify the results obtained under production conditions.

If you would like to recieve more information about the SCVM vineyards, please contact the Innovation Hub Romania!


Use cases & Testing

The Innovation Hub SCVM in Romania focuses on specific use cases: plant protection with the help of using of hyperspectral imaging, LIDAR and IoT sensors.

S.C.D.V.V. Murfatlar


Use Case Targeted application
Sensors & Machines used Hyperspectral Imaging, LIDAR, IoT temperature / humidity sensors, Meteodrones
Indicators measured
Amounts off applicants against fungus used.