Project Newsletter

Following a successful round of the first ATLAS Open Call, the 2021 call has been announced.

The second ATLAS open call aims to establish additional pilot studies in alignment with agricultural use cases in the farming operations of the consortium’s end-user partners. ATLAS will populate current pilots around its established Innovation Hubs to implement a sustainable ecosystem of innovative companies.

ATLAS is looking for entrants with close-to-market solutions (at least TRL 6) that seek to validate new and innovative services by making use of the project’s technical foundation. The proposed applications should demonstrate specific value for either consumers or stakeholders along the agricultural value chain. The work carried out in these projects should have a thematic focus on developing services that build on and extend the use cases carried out within the ATLAS project.

Midsize enterprises, SMEs, start-ups, and farmers legally established and based in one of the EU Member States or an H2020 associated country are welcome to apply.

The 2nd interest call addresses the following challenges:

  1. Weed and Pest Control
  2. Irrigation
  3. Asset Tracking and Fleet Management
  4. From Farm to Fork
  5. Livestock: Behavioural Analysis, Management, and Environmental Impact

An average budget of EUR 75,000 is foreseen to develop a use case for each proposal. This budget includes an in-kind contribution of at least 30% from the applicant.

The submission process started in May and the deadline for submitting your proposal is the 1st of September 2021 (23:59 CEST).

Four ATLAS Open Call 2021 Webinars have already been carried out providing feedback on the solutions our consortium is looking for, the challenge should you choose and how to build your application. You can now watch recordings of the webinars and find answers to common questions like these here.


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