ATLAS Service Templates & Participant Portal

The ATLAS project team is happy to announce the creation of public repositories on GitHub to make all Service Templates as well as example code and documentation available to an interested audience!

At, an extensive set of ATLAS Service Templates can be accessed.

What are the ATLAS Service Templates?
ATLAS Service Templates define vendor and technology agnostic formal specifications of the APIs and data formats to which associated ATLAS Services must conform. Service Templates enable a service consumer to communicate with any compliant ATLAS Service without requiring any vendor-specific code, making it possible to let farmers pick the compliant ATLAS Service that best meets their specific needs in terms of quality/accuracy, geographical/crop specificities, budget, etc.

ATLAS Services are public cloud-based APIs that conform to a specific ATLAS Service Template. In other words, ATLAS Service Templates are vendor-agnostic specifications while an ATLAS Service is a template-compliant and vendor-specific implementation accessible over the Internet. Thanks to the formal API specifications, any client code designed to integrate the functionality of an ATLAS Service Template will be able to interoperate with any ATLAS Service implementing that template.

ATLAS Service Templates consist of two documents: a technical API specifications document (in OpenAPI format, when documenting REST APIs) and a general human-readable specifications document providing an introduction, context, use cases, dynamic behaviour, etc.

At, Python-based code examples which explain the use of ATLAS technology in your software systems can be found. The repositories include

If you are interested in joining the ATLAS Interoperability Network and offer ATLAS-enabled software, register for free as an ATLAS Participant in the ATLAS Participant Portal at

What is the ATLAS Participant Portal?
The Participant Portal is the main user interface for Participants to interact with the ATLAS Interoperability Network. Companies envisioning to provide services within ATLAS can register as an ATLAS Participant in the Participant Portal, the application is reviewed and approved by an administrator. After the approval, the participant can access the ATLAS Registry, register their services and update their profile.

stay tuned for more…