Special Issue “Sensors in Agriculture 2021” CALL FOR PAPERS

This Special Issue aims to bring together recent research and developments concerning novel sensors and their applications in agriculture. Sensors in agriculture are based on the requirements of farmers, according to the farming operations that need to be addressed.

Papers addressing sensor development for a wide range of agricultural tasks, including, but not limited to, recent research and developments in the following areas are expected:

  • Optical sensors: Hyperspectral, multispectral, fluorescence, and thermal sensing
  • Sensors for crop health status determination
  • Sensors for crop phenotyping, germination, emergence, and determination of the different growth stages of crops
  • Sensors for the detection of microorganism and pest management
  • Airborne sensors (UAV)
  • Multisensor systems, sensor fusion
  • Non-destructive soil sensing
  • Yield estimation and prediction
  • Detection and identification of crops and weeds
  • Sensors for the detection of fruits
  • Sensors for fruit quality determination
  • Sensors for weed control
  • Volatile components detection, electronic noses, and tongues
  • Sensors for robot navigation, localization and mapping, and environmental awareness
  • Sensors for robotic applications in crop management
  • Sensors for positioning, navigation and obstacle detection
  • Sensor networks in agriculture, wearable sensors, the Internet of Things
  • Low energy, disposable, and energy harvesting sensors in agriculture
  • Deep learning from sensor data in agriculture

Manuscript Submissions Deadline: 31 December 2021

Special Issue Editor: Prof. Dimitrios Moshou, CERTH (ATLAS partner)