Project Newsletter

EU Agricultural Outlook Conference 2020

  16-17 December 2020      Virtual      Website

This year’s edition will reflect on the lessons learnt from the Covid-19 crisis and look at pathways to a green recovery. It will also offer an opportunity to present and discuss the results of the foresight study on the “Farmers of the future”. The second day will be devoted to the EU agricultural outlook 2020-2030.

AgriTech 4.0

  29 January 2021      Virtual      Website

AgriTech 4.0 explores the wide range of opportunities available through programmes, development, support and investment opportunities, and how new and changing technologies will influence the agriculture environment over the next 25 years providing sustainable food solutions.

Paris Space Week

  9-10 March 2021      Paris, France & Virtual      Website

PSW gathers the World’s Space Tech Ecosystem under one roof for 2 Days, Bringing Together the Brightest Space Agencies, Large Groups, SMEs, Start-Ups and Investors;
Not to mention the International Press and Thousands of Enthusiastic Space Executives.

The 1st International Electronic Conference on Agronomy

  3-17 May 2021      Virtual      Website

Topics of interest include: Application of New Breeding Technologies to Crop Improvement, Sustainable Management Practices for Soil Health and Food Security, Agronomic Innovations for Sustainable Intensification of Horticultural Production Systems, Challenges in Grassland Agro-Ecology in a Global Change Context, Weed Invasion, Biology and Management in Agricultural Settings, Sustainable and Resilient Farming Systems, Precision and Digital Agriculture

European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming

  23-26 August 2021      Vienna, Austria      Website

Thematic areas: PLF as part of One Health initiative · PLF as support tool in veterinary medicine · Controlling environment in animal husbandry · Performance and welfare monitoring · PLF approaches to enable sustainable production · PLF to support decision-making and solutions · Precision technology in product development, optimization and testing · Consumer perception of PLF · Traceability of production · Monitoring wildlife and companion animals · Ethics in PLF.