Project Newsletter

Manolis Tsantakis

ATLAS dissemination &
exploitation team leader

ATLAS is a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action.
What is its value proposition?

The ATLAS ecosystem is a well-orchestrated interplay of infrastructure, software components, software vendors and end users. The ATLAS Interoperability Network enables the interconnection of existing systems and allows software vendors to focus on their unique selling proposition to bring full featured solutions to the market faster and cheaper. At the same time, will allow farmers to keep full control of their data and processes in a diverse digital environment. To put it in another way, the ecosystem of ATLAS services will enable innovative software vendors to complement their unique features with existing services, reducing development costs and go-to market time. Therefore, the added value is the interconnection and the ecosystem facilitation that it provides.

Are there already plans
for the ATLAS commercial exploitation? 

Currently, the consortium jointly develops the ATLAS business model and its governance and operation specificities. In a series of dedicated meetings on exploitation, and governance and operation model planning, working groups design the ATLAS business model, as well as the future governance. By the end of the project, we will have a concrete plan on the sustainability of the ATLAS solutions.

What is the consortium’s aspiration
beyond the lifetime of the funding period?

The ATLAS Interoperability Network will require to reach an appropriate degree of maturity. The result of the technical development will at least reach a TRL 7. Further investments are needed to reach a commercial-grade level of maturity and to conduct the necessary networking activities to grow the ATLAS ecosystem.