The Agricultural Cooperative “KISSAVOS” was founded in 2012 by a group of 21 producers in Agia village, 37km east of the city of Larissa. The products of ACK focuses on various varieties of apples, cherries and chestnuts. The total area of arable land cultivated by the farmers-members of ACK is more than 70 ha and the annual production amounts to the following quantities: Apples: More than 3,500 tons of 12 different varieties, Cherries: More than 300 tons of 10 different varieties, Chestnuts: More than 100 tons of large chestnuts of the “Castanea Sativa” variety. Each farm is connected to an irrigation system, while a large part of them are protected from extreme weather phenomena by specially suspended nets. Additionally, a meteorological station accompanied by a protection system from hail are operating in the area.

Moreover, the facilities of the Agricultural Cooperative “KISSAVOS” are situated within a 10,000 m2 area in which the sorting and packing facilities have been installed, accompanied by 4 modern storage compartments (Ultra Low Oxygen technology) of 900 m3 each, along with the management office, the accounting department and the storage area of the packaging materials.

ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT: ACK will contribute to the establishment and operation of the pilot use case related to advanced irrigation in the premises of their associated operations. ACK will continuously give feedback about the results and operation accommodate visits of interested farmers, thus acting as a true demonstration field.