Ktima Gerovassiliou is the brainchild of Vangelis Gerovassiliou. In 1981, he started reviving the family vineyard extending over 2.5 hectares in the Papamola region of Epanomi, approximately 25 km southeast of Thessaloniki and close to Epanomi wetlands which are protected by NATURA2000. In this unique ecosystem he planted mainly Greek, but also foreign grape varieties. The vineyard today extends to 72 ha and surrounds the contemporary winery of the enterprise which is well known in Greece and characterised by exports of premium quality wine all over the world. The vineyard is cultivated according to the standards of an Integrated Management System that aims to produce wine grapes following a certified cultivation procedure according to AGRO 2.1-2.2, meeting all relevant quality and safety requirements and respecting the environment, the vineyard’s employees and the consumers.

The primary concern is the meticulous care of the vineyard, and therefore all rural tasks – including harvest- are done by hand. Moreover, the enterprise has ventured all over Greece and South Africa. The production procedure at the winery follows all hygiene and food safety requirements, as stated by the applied Integrated Quality and Food Safety Management System that is certified according to the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

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ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT: GER will contribute to the establishment and operation of the pilot use case in the premises of Ktima Gerovassiliou vineyard. More in detail, soil moisture monitoring systems will be installed within the land of GER. Moreover, GER will continuously give feedback about the results and operation of the soil moisture and irrigation services and accommodate visits of interested farmers, thus acting as a true demonstration field.