The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) is a public organization with a duty to carry out, promote, transfer and improve research activities. CNR is distributed all over Italy through a network of institutes aiming at promoting its competences and at facilitating contacts and cooperation with local firms and organizations. In ATLAS, CNR is represented by two institutes: Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing (CNR-STIIMA), Institute for Agricultural and Earthmoving Machines (CNR-IMAMOTER).

CNR-STIIMA has its headquarter in Milano and two Research Units in Bari and Lecco. Researchers at CNR-STIIMA have wide experience on topics as robotics, automation, signal and image processing, measurement and decision support systems based on soft-computing techniques with applications to complex contexts including exploration and mapping of unstructured environments, agriculture, inspection, and surveillance. As a promoter of industrial innovation, CNR-STIIMA performs strategic activities of scientific research and technological development for the competitiveness and sustainability of Italian and European manufacturing industries. CNR-STIIMA works on the development and co-evolution of new products/services, processes and production systems and related enabling technologies in tightened collaboration with enterprises, universities, research centres and institutions within national, European and international programmes, projects and industrial contracts.

CNR-IMAMOTER has its headquarter in Ferrara and a Research Unit is in Torino. The mission of CNR-IMAMOTER is to be recognized as a reference point in promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the key areas relevant to technologies for agricultural and construction machineries, contributing to the social development and competitiveness of sustainable agriculture and industrial sectors related to mobile working equipment. IMAMOTER is appointed as official OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) testing station for the performance on agricultural tractors and for the agricultural safety equipment.

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ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT: CNR will mainly contribute to research activities of WP 4- Data Acquisition and Analysis Services, with specific reference to the development of multi-sensor systems for vehicle fleet navigation services (Task 4.3). Based on its expertise in computer vision and machine learning applied to mobile robotic systems, CNR’s unit will contribute to the tasks related to data processing for vehicle ambient awareness and autonomous navigation (Subtask 4.3.3).