Fodjan was found 2014 in Dresden for leading feeding management into the digital era. Fodjan smart feeding is a cloud-based platform available as fodjan Pro (for PC) and as fodjan App. The company aims to find interconnective solutions with the focus on economic efficiency and animal health. The mission: Easy and successful access to digitalisation for famers and partners. Starting with four founders, fodjan grew till now to a size of 13. With it you can calculate feed rations for dairy, pig and beef cattle as far as connect different data, technic and consultants on farm. It is a tool to combine information and data on one place and to connect the farmer with his feed consultant or give the employees on farm the daily rations for feeding.

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ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT: offering the cloud/platform for animal related data, building API for animal husbandry related sensors and software, development of a dynamic feed model by integrating sensors, assist at developing new algorithms to use image data for health status & animal behavioural detection, practical application with Farmer Seelmeyer (broilers & fattening bulls).