ZIRAK s.r.l. is an ICT company founded in the spring of 2000 by the fusion of companies operating in complementary sectors of high technology and represents a single point of contact for projects related to Information and Communication Technology, from the analysis of requirements to the design and implementation of customized solutions. From 2016 ZIRAK s.r.l. developed several projects in the IoT field, from Research & Development projects both internal and with European grants, and with customers such as Siemens Italy. ZIRAK acts in Europe as a provider of high-quality IT services and is composed of four departments: Embedded (Automotive and IoT), Mobile, Scientific Software and WebSolutions. In the IoT sector, ZIRAK serves in the phases of. architecture, integration, development, and testing of different IoT products for third parties, mainly for smart agriculture projects and green technology solutions. ZIRAK serves as an IT expert in embedded software, scientific software, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data backend. The previous experience in smart agriculture and the high expertise of the staff in R&D will enable ZIRAK to produce optimal results in the tasks within its expertise. ZIRAK has considerable experience in defining architectures for third parties, development of software components such as those of WP1 and WP2, documentation and finalization of demonstrators.

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