The Robot Makers GmbH based in Kaiserslautern develops intelligent control systems for realizing semi-autonomous mobile working machines. The company is offering products and services on a high technical level and specializes more and more on supplier products in the segments of agricultural technology, construction machinery, and special vehicles. The company has a deep knowledge in the area of robotics. Topics like navigation, environment perception or intelligent control systems are among the company’s core competences. Also, topics like integration of heterogeneous multi sensor systems or network distributed control systems belong to the company’s strengths. The Robot Makers GmbH develops and uses a modular development platform. Using this platform, hardware and software modules are realized, which can be combined using well defined interfaces. That way, the fast realization of complex control systems as well as easy adaptation to specific applications is possible.

This modular development approach and the corresponding services were honored with the Innovation Award of Rhineland-Palatinate in 2013. The high innovative power of Robot Makers GmbH is also reflected by further prices awarded to the company in recent years (nominated several times for the “Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises” by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation, awarded the “Zukunftspreis 2015” of the Palatinate). As a member of the Commercial Vehicle Cluster (CVC), the Robot Makers GmbH is connected to several producers of commercial vehicles especially in the southwestern part of Germany. These companies reach from producers of agricultural machines over sensor equipment manufacturers to producers of construction machines and special vehicles.

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ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT: Robot Makers will participate by extending their autonomy kit as well as their robotics framework for integration in the overall system. Furthermore, they will provide use cases and conduct tests in the plant protection scenario in vineyards and orchards. Besides this, they will contribute to the machine intercommunication and standardization by bringing in their knowledge and experience as experts in sensor processing, robotics system integration and autonomous working machines.