SME, for profit organisation Meteomatics AG, headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland and Meteomatics GmbH in Berlin, 100% subsidiary of Meteomatics AG. It is specializing in meteorological solutions for industry. This covers the whole process chain of a weather service provider: acquisition and processing of weather station data, numerical weather models, radar images, satellite data as well as visualization of meteorological data and the development of customer specific forecasting systems, e.g. agriculture, logistics, PV and wind power forecasts. Data refinement and delivery to the customer is part of the business.

To further improve the intraday weather forecasts Meteomatics has developed a unique drone technology to gather data from the lower atmosphere up to 3km above ground. These drones have been BVLOS certified and are used by several national meteorological services. Meteomatics is running these drones in an operational setup since 2016: So, more than 2’000 flight hours under BVLOS conditions have been achieved which corresponds to about 14’000 vertical soundings. Meteomatics is collaborating with different national meteorological agencies and research entities.

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ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT: Providing meteorological expertise and high-resolution weather data through a weather API.