The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) is a Greek Research Centre active in Space Sciences and their applications with remarkable achievements. NOA with its three Institutes (Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications & Remote Sensing IAASARS; Environmental Research and Sustainable Development IERSD; Geodynamics GI), its highly-skilled human resources and the important infrastructure obtained over the last two decades, plays an important role in international space science activities and has a leading role in the national efforts for presence in the European Space Sector.

NOA also constitutes a critical national link with the European Space Agency (ESA) and other relevant organizations and bodies within the European Union. IAASARS/NOA has been actively involved in Space Sciences, Space applications and Earth Observation with many achievements in leading research, and operational activities in the context of EU flagship programs/initiatives namely COPERNICUS, GALILEO, GEO, and GEOSS. The Institute has an important human capacity with high skills in the relevant sciences. It owns significant space-based monitoring infrastructures and acquisition facilities and in-situ networks for the monitoring of the Earth’s environment, attributing to its leading role in Space and Earth Observation domains at national and international level. The Institute provides near real-time observations and services to operational program frameworks of EC, ESA and to authorities and entities at National and European level (e.g. Ministries, Civil Protection Authorities, municipalities, Regional Services, Environmental Organizations).

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ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT: IAASARS/NOA, represented by Dr. Keramitsoglou, will be a satellite data provider. It will provide access to SEVIRI and Sentinel data to the project, as well as real time access to the nowcasting 1 km / 5 min air temperature and land surface temperature products that IAASARS/NOA operationally generates.