Oikonomou farm constitutes an agricultural business which focuses on the production of high quality agricultural products, such as apples and cherries. Currently, the business holds more than 7 ha of cultivated land, equipped with high quality irrigation systems and private groundwater wells.

The incorporation of new technologies within the day-to-day cultivation process constitutes one of the main concerns of Oikonomou Farm, therefore the business voluntarily participated in the establishment of Pinios Hydrologic Observatory by offering two groundwater wells for sensors and pumping loggers, while a single SoilNet soil moisture monitoring device has also been installed.

ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT:  OIK will contribute to the establishment and operation of the pilot use case in Pinios Hydrologic Observatory. More in detail, the CRNS and several clusters of SoilNets will be installed within the land of OIK. Moreover, OIK will continuously give feedback about the results and operation of the soil moisture and irrigation services and accommodate visits of interested farmers, thus acting as a true demonstration field.