MyEasyFarm is a French AgTech startup created in 2017, specializing in Precision Agriculture and Carbon Farming, based in VillagebyCA Reims and with offices in Italy, Netherlands and Brazil. The MyEasyFarm team is made up of 24 people from engineering schools in Agriculture / Agronomy and IT and offers solutions for Farmers, Contractors and Cooperatives / Traders, for easy and connected Precision Agriculture. MyEasyFarm provides solutions for farmers and cooperatives to help them daily use Precision and Carbon Farming in an easy and connected way for better efficiency and sustainability. MyEasyFarm platform collects, manages, transfers and analyses Agricultural Data from many sources (fields, satellites, drones, Ag machines, weather, IoT sensors) to reduce products usage and enhance crop cycles. MyEasyFarm is ISOBUS certified and exchanges data with Ag machines whatever the brand (John Deere, CNH, KUBOTA, AGCO, Claas, agrirouter and many others), using USB sticks or in a connected mode, for real Variable Rate Applications and automated traceability.

MyEasyCarbon is an application for Food actors (Farmers, Cooperatives, Agro-Industries) to measure, simulate and monitor CO2 emission / Carbon Soil storage in Agriculture and generate Carbon Credit additional revenues. MyEasyCarbon uses Precision Farming data (Satellite, weather, soil data) combined with field operations documentation from Ag machines or Driver mobile app to track all operations at the field level in a crop cycle. 

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